Who Will Take My Old Mattress Away?

For many households, getting rid of an old mattress is an arduous task. Many people are unsure about how to get rid of a mattress themselves and often hire someone to collect their mattress for them. After all, it’s often the quickest and most convenient option. But which options are available that are both affordable and reliable, without resulting in fly-tipping?


Will the council collect my old mattress?

One option to have your mattress taken away could be contacting your local council to arrange a special collection of large waste items. Most councils are willing to collect large furniture items from your property for a fee, including mattresses.

However, it’s worth noting that this is not the fastest option as demand for these services are high, meaning that you could have to wait for your furniture to be removed from your property. Typically, you can expect to wait between two to four weeks for a collection slot to become available.

You can find out whether your council offers furniture removal via the Gov.uk website

Will charity shops collect my old mattress?

Charities may also be willing to take your old mattress away, which not only allows you to get rid of an old mattress that is collecting dust, but it means that you can give back and support their cause. 

However, it is worth noting that charities are very selective about the furniture they accept and collect due to restrictions on their storage space. Therefore, it is not uncommon for charity stores to only accept mattresses when there is demand, or to not accept them at all. 

Charity stores will also not accept mattresses that don’t have all of the appropriate fire labels, since they cannot be sold without these, and they will not accept mattresses that are in poor condition. 

Some charities accepting mattresses are as follows:  

Mattress removal in London

Can I sell my old mattress?

If your mattress is in particularly good condition, you may want to sell it to earn some extra pennies, which can be put towards replacing your mattress and getting a new one. Typically, used mattresses tend to sell somewhere in the region of 20-30% of the original retail value.

Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Shpock or Gumtree are good places to start listing your old mattress, as they target local buyers. This is ideally what you need as they will be able to remove the mattress from your property and take it off of your hands quickly. 

What’s more, selling and reusing a mattress improves its longevity and lifespan, which is good for the environment since it prevents it from needing to be disposed of or put into a landfill. 

However, there are also drawbacks of selling your mattress, such as the fact that It can take a great deal of effort to sell your mattress, from taking photos to creating listings, replying to queries and messages and actually completing the sale. It is a time-consuming process and likely not ideal for those that lead an already busy life. Even once you have listed your mattress, there is also no guarantee that your mattress will sell at all, so you may have to find storage for your old mattress until it sells. 

Will retailers remove my old mattress?

Some mattress retailers offer their customers the option to dispose of their old mattress if they buy a new one through them. All they often require is for you to wrap, seal and bag the mattress up before the team arrives. This service tends to incur a charge, but sometimes it can be free – it’s dependent on the retailer. 

If you are looking for a fast, affordable and hassle-free solution to getting rid of your old mattress, we recommend hiring a professional waste management company like Clear It Waste to do all of the work for you.

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