Services we offer:

Domestic Services

Clear it will come to your property with the appropriate vehicle and clear waste for you, you don’t even have to lift a finger. Weather you have one chair or a house full of chairs clear it will get the job done as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

Commercial Services

Whether you’re a shop, hotel or office we come to you with the appropriate vehicle for the job, if there 6 floors no lift or q filing cabinet or 60 cabinets clear it will get the job done as quickly simply and as cheap as possible.

A clean environment is essential for keeping you and your family in sound health. Whether it is your office or home you should have a clean environment. A clean environment at work will motivate you to perform better, and a clean home environment will help maintain your relationships better.

So who are you going to entrust with the task of clearance your office or home? Actually, anybody can do the job, but experienced services offered by domestic waste clearance services London like ours are preferred by most people. These people have a thorough knowledge of office and different household items, and they can take care of these items as well as the atmosphere inside while doing the clearance. We provide all types of waste collection services in London including office clearance.

Types of commercial clearance services

Commercial clearance is a broad idea and it includes clearance of shops, offices, centers of entertainment such as birthday or other party venue, restaurants, hotels, data centers, showrooms, offices, warehouses, schools, medical facilities, airports, government facilities etc.

Types of domestic clearance services

You can have a whole house clearance or carpet clearance either regularly, during spring time or during moving out of home or moving in to a new home.

Let us get into some detail about both categories of clearance.

Carpet clearance

Neatly laid and spotless carpets can steal the show whereas stained and dusty carpets can rob the show out of the theatre. Carpets get easily dirty and stained and it is really difficult to clean them without professional help. Our domestic clearance services London have specialized equipment and steam clearance utilities to clean all dirt and stain off the carpet.

Rug clearance

Rugs are beautiful and delicate. Moreover, they are prone to stains. So you need trained cleaners for clearance rugs. Antique rugs need to be handled with care and only a trained staff can do that.

Mattress clearance

A neat, clean and hygienic bed is important for a good sleep and a good nights’ sleep is very important for good health. So you need to maintain a clean and dust free mattress because a dusty mattress may cause allergic problems. Our domestic clearance services London will suck out every piece of dirt, but take care that every finesse in the carpet is taken care of.

Other clearance services

Domestic or commercial clearance includes innumerable services that include upholstery clearance, toilet clearance, furniture clearance, window clearance, kitchen clearance etc apart from washing and ironing up cloths. Outsourcing the whole task to a clearance service provider in a regular measure will help you keep your house and office spotless clean and will be cost effective too.

Cost of hire commercial or domestic clearance services London

Domestic or commercial clearance services London can be costly if you are opting for such services on a one off basis. However, if you are entering into long terms contracts with them then you can avail big discounts and save big on clearance. So it is always better to get into contract for weekly or monthly domestic or commercial clearance.


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