Skip Hire

Skip hire services in London

Skips are ideal for heavy material such as soil or rubble. We can supply from 4 to 16 cu yd skips. We service construction companies and private individuals. Our skips are competetively priced and can be used on a wait and load basis if required.

We can apply for permits when necessary. For domestic customers most local councils will allow us to apply for permits on your behalf. Some councils however insist that the homeowner apply theirselves.

We have a reputation for reliability which we have worked hard to earnskip-hire-london

Increase in variety and amount of waste throughout the city of London and its outskirts calls for various ways of waste removal for adapting to individual needs and affordability. There are several modes of waste removal in London such as skip hire, man with a truck, wheel trolley waste removal etc. Of all these methods skip hire is one of the most popular modes of waste removal. This is because of inherent advantages of the mode.

Advantages of skip hire:

This service is cleaner than other modes of garbage removal, and it stinks less.

There are several sizes of skips available for hiring. So you can choose a size according to the amount of waste you are likely to dispose off.

Skip hire is cheaper than most other modes of waste disposal, and we offer cheap skip hire services for areas within London.

Skips can take mammoth amounts of load including hardcore material such as construction rubble.

However, all is not milk and honey with skip hire. There are some disadvantages of skip hire too.

Disadvantages of skip hire:

It is not possible to put any kind of waste into a skip. There are a number of limitations in a skip hire service. You cannot load toxic and hazardous material like chemicals, spent batteries, fluorescent bulbs, burnt automobile oil, paints, electronic and electrical gazettes onto the skips.

Moreover, you need to load the skips by yourself. We will be providing you with the skips only and not the loading service.

Skip hire services in London
Skips need to be placed by the roadside if there is no other spot for placing them within your property, and in that case you may have to ask for permits from municipal authorities, otherwise you may have to pay fines. Moreover, depending on the area the permit cost may make the service costlier than other modes of waste disposal.

Skip may lie in place for one full day or more which may sometimes cause a stinking feeling in the area.

In skip hire services most of the waste ends in incinerators or landfills affecting the environment. The scope for recycling is less in such services because the scope for segregation of waste is almost nonexistent.

So you have to weigh your options in terms of affordability, hassle and variety of waste. If you have some toxic or hazardous material to dispose off you cannot go for skip hire at all. Likewise if you want to stay away from municipal authorities for acquiring permits and do not want to get involved in loading the stuff yourself then you should go for wait and load services rather than skip hire London.

However, using a cheap skip hire may be the best option if you are going for a garden clearance which does not have any toxic or hazardous waste and which even if ends in landfill will decompose after a certain time. You can also use skip hire London for removing construction rubble to some other construction site. Ultimately skip hire comes cheaper than a man and a truck mode for the same quantity of waste.