How To Dispose Of A Microwave Oven

When your microwave oven begins to age or breaks down completely, it is a good idea to replace it. However, this leaves you with the challenging task of getting rid of your old microwave oven. 

Microwave ovens, like most WEEE waste, require specialist disposal which can make getting rid of them a complex job. Fortunately, our expert white goods removal team knows just how to dispose of a microwave oven and guide you through the process.

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Five different ways that you can dispose of your microwave oven:

Your local council is required to offer disposal services which allow you to get rid of a range of items, and these usually come in the form of disposal centres or ‘tips’. These places accept all sorts of household waste, which includes bulky furniture (including your sofa). If you’re not sure where your local recycling centre is, you can use this useful location search tool.

However, taking your sofa to the tip can be difficult to do largely due to the size and weight of sofas – especially if you own a large L-shaped unit! Most places ask you to break down the piece of furniture before disposing of it to save some room which means having to remove all cushions, cut the wooden frame, and break it up into more manageable pieces.

1. Take it to the local recycling centre

Under white goods disposal law, households are asked not to put microwaves and other waste electrical and electronic equipment into their domestic or general waste bins due to the harm it can cause to the environment if it ends up in landfills. Rather, microwave ovens should be recycled, which can be done by taking it to your local recycling centre. Fortunately, unlike some other white goods, microwave ovens are smaller than other bulky household appliances, meaning that they are easier to transport to the tip. 

Once it has been accepted by your local recycling centre, the microwave oven will be processed in a hammer mill whereby it is deconstructed and broken down into small fragments. These fragments are then separated into ferrous and non-ferrous materials, before being sent to smelters. Other materials found within the microwave oven will be recycled separately. 

Top tip: We recommend calling up or searching online to find out when your local recycling centre is open since their opening times vary and it will save you a wasted trip! 

2. Try to sell it online

If your microwave oven is still in working condition, it may be worth trying to sell it online before you take it to be recycled. Since microwave ovens are often pricey, the demand for these white goods is often high – particularly if you price them appropriately. 

One difficulty is that due to the fragile nature of microwave ovens, they need to be shipped with care, and it can be expensive to do that. Therefore, we recommend trying to sell your microwave locally first, as it can be dropped off or collected instead. 

Top tip: If you are looking to sell your microwave oven online, we recommend using platforms like Facebook Marketplace, eBay and Gumtree, since these all attract local buyers and make the process of selling a microwave that bit easier. 

3. Give it to someone in need

Another way to dispose of your old microwave oven is to give it away for free to someone who would benefit from it, such as a family member or friend. However, this is dependent on the state of your microwave oven. If it is unsafe or no longer works, organising a professional white goods removal service, or taking it to a recycling centre is a better idea. 

Alternatively, you could give it to someone in need by donating it to your local charity store. For example, the British Heart Foundation accepts heating and cooking appliances along with other white goods so long as they are in fit condition and meet certain eligibility criteria, such as containing certain labels and passing certain safety checks. 

Top tip: What charity stores can accept varies depending on their storage capabilities, demand and facilities, so it is a good idea to call ahead and check whether they accept it before you go to drop it off. 

4. Arrange a bulky waste collection from your council

Get rid of your old microwave oven by arranging a collection by your local council as part of their bulky waste collection service. Most councils offer this, however, availability from area to area may vary considerably since the demand is high and the resources to provide this service are relatively low, which means you may need to wait some time to have your microwave collected. Typically, you can expect to wait anywhere between two to four weeks.

Arranging a council waste collection will not be free either, and many councils charge an additional fee for electrical waste since it is more challenging to dispose of. This is something to consider when comparing ways to dispose of a microwave oven and choosing which one is right for you.

Top tip: If you know that you are getting rid of your microwave far in advance, for example, if you have ordered a new one and are waiting for it to be delivered, consider arranging a bulky waste collection ahead of time.

5. Hire a professional waste removal company

If it is convenience, efficiency and peace of mind that you are looking for when disposing of your microwave oven, hiring a professional waste removal company may be the best idea. White goods removal companies can handle your waste responsibly from start to finish. 

What’s more, when you book with a professional waste management company, many offer same-day appointments. They are also highly experienced and knowledgeable in waste removal, so you can have peace of mind that your white goods will be recycled and disposed of ethically. 

Top tip: Find a professional waste removal company that operates in your local area, since they offer faster response times, more flexible collections and more affordable prices. 

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How not to get rid of your microwave oven

Just as there are many options that could help you to dispose of your microwave oven, there are many options you should avoid. 

You should never leave your old microwave oven at the side of the street for a passer-by to collect as leaving items on the street outside your home is a crime and constitutes fly-tipping. Fly-tipping carries the risk of a hefty fine or even a prison sentence, according to the government.

You should also refrain from putting your old microwave in your general waste or domestic bins since, under white goods disposal laws such as the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulation, households are expected to adhere to their duty to dispose of electrical waste properly. This means that items like microwaves that have a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol on them, should not be placed in your bins at home. Instead, you should hire a professional to collect them or take them to your nearest household recycling centre. 

If you are looking to dispose of your microwave oven with ease, consider booking white goods removal with the best rubbish removal company in London.

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