4 Ways To Get Rid Of Your Yard Waste

4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste

An untidy yard gives a bad impression about the inhabitants and destroys the look of the house. Moreover, if you like gardening, then you must first get rid of your yard waste. However, after clearing the yard you may end up with a heap of waste. Disposing of this may seem to be a huge task. However, if you plan it properly you can make this a simple task of with the services of Waste Clearance in London.

Hire a chipper

Most of the waste from your yard is organic in nature, and organic mulch has a very good application in farming and gardening. This is also environment-friendly. You can turn the organic waste into mulch by hiring a chipper. You can hire a chipper for around £200/day. This will convert all the organic waste into mulch which you can use in your garden as manure as well as to retain moisture.

Call the local sanitation department

When it comes to yard rubbish clearance in London, you can call the local sanitation department. They come with a chipper and convert the organic waste into mulch. However, there is a limit on the amount of waste they can handle.

Call a tree service

A tree service will chip all the branches, twigs and logs, which you can then transport to a home depot or a yard waste dump site by hiring a truck.

Use it in the garden itself

You can cut the logs and branches into pieces with the help of an electric chain saw and use these to design the wall of a raised bed or terrace with a slope. This will turn into compost over the years while giving an aesthetic look to the garden in the interim.


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