Garbage Heaps Near Households Can Be A Threat To Society

Heaps of garbage

The sight of heaps of garbage lying near households is not uncommon. Many residents prefer to dump the rubbish generated from household activities outside their residence rather than keep them in covered drums. By doing so the residents are not only harming themselves and exposing themselves to fines and penalties, but they are also doing a disservice to the society at large. In fact, garbage heaps near households can be a threat to the society.

Infectious diseases

Rubbish dumped in the open can be a source of disease. Garbage lying rotting in the open attract pests, mosquitoes, flies, rats and other creatures that spread infectious diseases like plague, dengue, malaria etc. Moreover, the waste decomposes and spreads a bad odour that disturbs normal life around the vicinity of the heap of garbage. The decomposing solid waste is the ideal habitat for a lot of microorganisms and pathogens. When rag pickers or municipal workers handle such decomposing and microorganism laden waste they get exposed to various types of infectious disease. Over and above this, if the decomposing waste gets into household water supply lines or grounds water resources through seepage then it may lead to an outbreak of enteric and other diseases.

Exposure to toxic and hazardous waste

If the heap of garbage lying near households contains toxic substances like an old battery, used chemicals, paints etc then the society at large may be affected due to exposure to chemicals. These chemicals may be released into the air or get into water supply lines and give rise to all round health scare in the surrounding areas. Moreover, people, especially children coming in contact with such toxic waste may develop health complications.

Ugly site

Heaps of garbage outside households is not only a health risk for the residents and passersby they are also an ugly sight for the area. Heaps of garbage lying outside households speaks volumes about the sanitation habits of residents. Tourists visiting such areas take note of this and get back to their countries with an uncivilised and dirty notion about residents of the area or the country. This has the potential to affect the tourist inflow to the particular area or country which has a direct bearing on earnings from tourism activities.

Traffic obstruction

Garbage heap lying near households can also be a traffic obstruction, especially for pedestrians as most of the times the garbage is dumped outside the building premises and on or near the footpaths. If the garbage heap keeps on increasing it may well spill into the roads. In that case, roads may become slippery and dirty and vehicles plying on the roads may have to face accidents.

Threat to animals

Dogs, cats and other domestic animals sometimes scavenge for food among the garbage of heaps lying near household. While they may or may not get some food from there they may get infections that they carry home to their keepers and may infect the whole family. Moreover, while scavenging plastic and other synthetic material may get stuck in their throat and cause death due to poisoning or suffocation.

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