Garden Waste Collection Lambeth

Collection of garden waste is highly essential & a source of joy for many owners. Tending to the tender saplings, supporting them, watering them, adding Garden Waste SE11 Lambeth - Clear it wastemanure to the soil and seeing them grow up is a gardener’s delight. However, keeping your garden spruced up all year long and seeing the flowers in full blossom involves a lot of hard work. You have to trim the leaves and branches, mow the lawn, weed out the wild plants and cut the small twigs to keep the garden in full blossom. After each season you also have to dispose of the dried plants and plant new ones. All these produce a lot of garden waste in SE11 Lambeth. Garden rubbish is mostly organic material and can be made into a compost to be used in your garden as a manure.


To make compost from your garden rubbish in Lambeth. You can pile all the junk in a corner of your garden, but this may spread a stench. To prevent this you should use a compost bin with a heavy lid so that the stench does not come out.

However, composting as well as using the compost in the garden involves some real hard work, and you may not be inclined to do all the hard work for composting and using the compost. In that case, you have other options to dispose of the garden rubbish. You have the following options at hand for garden waste collection in SE11 Lambeth.

Skip hire in SE11 Lambeth:

A skip is an open top or closed top dumpster for putting all your garden junk. There are a number of skip hire services for garden waste collection in SE11 Lambeth. They will suggest you about the size of skip to hire. Hire a skip that optimally collects all the garbage. You have to keep the skip by the side of the road and take permission from the civic authorities for that. However, you have to load all the garden garbage into the skip by yourself.

Professional garden rubbish clearance services in SE11 Kennington:

Garden rubbish clearance SE11 Kennington - Clear it waste

Engaging professional garden waste clearance in Lambeth (for example, in SE11 Kennington) is the best bet if you do not want to get involved in the hassle of clearing the garbage or composting. Professional services will send a man with a van to help with the clearance. It is better than the skip hire method as you do not need to load the rubbish yourself. The company will also clear all the junk from your garden. You do not need to do any heavy lifting or engage in tricky bagging. What you need to do is just call a professional service.

There are services who are dedicated to composting all the garden rubbish. By hiring such services you will make sure that the garden waste does not end up filling up scarce land resources.

There are weekly or one off services for garden rubbish collection in Lambeth which run from 1st April to 31st March every year. They collect garden rubbish on the same day the garbage is generated in your garden. They also recycle material like grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, weeds, plants, shrubs and rotten flowers, pet bedding’s and even tree branches up to 10-cm in diameter.