House Clearance – What To Look For

House Clearance - What to Look For

You may not know this but household clearance is your responsibility, at least for the local councils. It is your duty to hire a company that gets rid of your rubbish and then disposes of it responsibly. A bad company may dump your waste illegally that can land you into trouble if backtracked to you! To avoid going through this, it is better to hire a household waste removal company that is reliable and handles its job responsibly.

Here are some tips to make sure you hire the right people.

  1. Ask them for their waste carrier license. These licenses are issued to these companies by the environment agency that gives them license to carry the waste. Without this license, they are not allowed to carry out the operation of waste collection and are breaking the law in doing so anyway.
  1. Professional companies will also protect their staff and employees, as well as you! Ask them to show you if they have public liability insurance. A reputed house clearance company will always have one.
  1. House clearance companies incur a lot of overhead costs such as tipping, fuel and labour. If the prices that they quote are too cheap, then perhaps it is. Who knows where they may be dumping your household waste, whether it’s an alley, a field or even on the side of the road. It is always better to ask for multiple quotes to make sure that the price difference is genuine.

Check the company’s reviews and reputation online on various platforms. Normally, a company with a good reputation will be happy to boast about its good reviews. So look deeply into it as it is the best way to judge the quality of service offered by a service provider.


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