Skip Hire Surrey

Skip hire service in SE16 Surrey Docks

If you live in the Surrey area and are looking for disposing off your household or commercial rubbish collection efficiently and economically then you can go for skip hire in SE16 Surrey Docks. Collecting all your household and commercial rubbish regularly and timely will help the civic authorities to dispose them off suitably so that the load on environment in terms of landfill, and pollution in soil, water and air is minimized.

What is skip hire:

A skip is a rubbish container with a open top and broad base. There are skips with closed tops too. You can use the open top ones to dispose off household rubbish collection, building rubbish collection, factory rubbish collection, garden clearance rubbish etc. You cannot keep hazardous, toxic, liquids etc in such skips. However, you can dispose off items like old electronic and electrical waste such as printers, refrigerators, computers etc through closed top skip hire in Surrey Docks.

What you need to do:

To hire skips you must contact companies providing skip hire in SE16 South Bermonsey. They can arrange for skips of various sizes including mini, midi and maxi sizes. They will even suggest you about the size of skip that is most suitable for the waste generated from your household or business premises. However, before proceeding with using the skip hire in SE16 South Bermonsey you must gain some knowledge about the various rules regulating the use of skip hire in SE16 South Bermonsey.

Skip hire regulations:

Waste disposal in SE16 Rotherhithe is regulated with a set of rules and that includes the use of skip hire. It involves parameters regarding road safety, size of skip, duration for which the skip must be placed etc.

Skip size:

The size of skip you are hiring must not exceed 5 meters in length and 2 meters in width; you can also use smaller ones. If you need bigger ones to dispose off waste generated on particular occasions such as marriage or birthday parties then you need to get more than one skip.

Where to place:

Placement of the skips is one of the most important aspects of skip hire in SE16 Rotherhithe since any wrong placement of skips can invite exorbitant fines on your part. The skips must be placed by the side of the road in a way that it does not obstruct manholes and entrances to nearby properties. They must also not block any drainage of surface water.

Other safety measures:

While placing skips you must ensure that the company is placing traffic cones around it so that traffic navigation around the skip is smooth. Moreover, the side of skip which his facing the traffic should be painted in yellow and red reflective paint. This will help motorists to take note of the skip at night and avoid it. You should see to it that the company renting out skips to you has placed its contact number, name and address on the skip. Moreover, on each corner of the skip there should be a danger lamp so that the skip is well lit from dusk to dawn. You must also ensure that no inflammable rubbish has been put into the skip hire in SE16 Rotherhithe.