Waste Clearance EC2 Old Street

Involved in waste clearance in the EC2 old street area

Waste Clearance in EC2 Old Street

Waste management is not the sole responsibility of waste clearance companies and municipalities. The enormous cost of garbage on the environment in terms of air, water and land pollution as well as landfills, stench, blockage of water and sewage flow etc need to be tackled comprehensively. Otherwise, the environment will degrade further and the whole EC2 Old street area will become a big sewer. We are involved in waste clearance in the EC2 old street area and are able to manage all types of sewer. However, you need to see that the generation of rubbish is minimized at the source whether it is in your house or your business premises.


The cost aspect

Garbage removal used to be a very cost effective affair, but not anymore. With increasing amount and diversity of rubbish the cost aspect of garbage management has increased. Moreover, dump yards have been filling up fast and government has been discouraging disposal of rubbish in dump yards which is the cheapest mode of garbage disposal. Other cheap methods like ocean dumping are also being discouraged due to harmful effects on the environment as a whole. All these have pushed up the waste clearance cost. However, we try to get the best deal for you in terms of cost while sticking to the guidelines in this regard.

Our activities

We are present in almost every sphere of rubbish disposal. We are into general collection discarWaste-clearance-in-EC2-old-streetded material, managing items discarded from households and gardens, removing left over and scrap items from hotels and shops, removal of hardcore material, basement dig outs etc. We can go for one time lifting of material discarded at your home or business premises or a weekly or daily lifting. It depends on the nature of rubbish. We do both commercial as well as domestic garbage clearance.




Material discarded from commercial premises is bulkier than that discarded from households and is also diverse in nature. Handling commercial waste is also more hazardous to rag pickers since there may be quite a lot of toxic and hazardous material in them.

Household material

Material discarded from households mainly consist of scrap paper, containers of plastic, tin, glass and paper, garden rubbish such as tree trimming, dry branches, leaves, flowers etc. There may also be occasional pesticide containers too. However, most of these materials are recyclable or compostable. We are lifting every sort of item discarded from households. If there is a party in your house and there is a heap of garbage lying to be disposed you can call us.

Office clearance

We are also engaged in office waste clearance. Office waste mainly consists of scrap paper, wrappers and various electronic and electrical junk like defunct computer monitor, scanner, printer, RAM, CD ROM etc. While the paper products can be recycled the electrical and electronic junk need to be handled as per WEEE guidelines. These guidelines state that at least 4 Kg of material should be recovered from electronic and electrical junk per person per year. We handle the WEEE junk according to WEEE directives and make sure that maximum amount of material is recovered.