Waste Collection W1 Soho

Waste collection has evolved over the years along with its evolving threat to human kind and the envwaste-collection-in-w1-sohoironment in general. The practice of rubbish aggregation and throwing into landfills has evolved into more sophisticated waste management. Guidelines have been drawn and policies have been affected to reduce the amount of garbage generation and disposing the junk in a responsible manner which causes the least harm to the environment and does not end up in filling up land. Such management services have been operating in the W1Soho area for some time. We are offering comprehensive waste collection service in W1 Soho.

We offer

We are offering comprehensive waste removal service for households as well as commercial entities in the area. We aggregate all kinds of material discarded from household and commercial entities, gardens, hotels and shops as well as hardcore junk resulting from construction and renovation work as well as other material.

Garden waste collection


We are offering garden rubbish collection for residents of the area. This may consist of branch trimmings, dry branches and leaves, grass, dry flower, weeds etc. Almost all these are compostable material and can be used as fertiliser. Such material are not generated daily so you need to call us when there is a need for lifting resulting from a garden clearance or you can leave the responsibility of clearing the garden and disposing the rubbish on us.

Household rubbish

Household rubbish has a comprehensive range and it includes all types of food and drink containers made of plastic, glass, tin and paper. Paper cartons and cardboard boxes, leftover food, vegetable scraps, paper, and other domestic items unfit for reuse. There may also be spent batteries and used pesticide bottles. We collect all kinds of junk generated in household activities including toxic and hazardous material. Our professional team will sort through the garbage in your premises, divide them into different categories and arrange for separate disposal for each category according to laid down criteria.

Commercial junk

A large amount of junk generated throughout the city comes from various commercial activities that include hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, and industrial units. Offices mostly generate heaps of paper and WEEE material whereas hotels and restaurants generate mostly leftover food and vegetable scrapings. On the other hand industrial units generate a lot of polluting chemicals and other junk material that are the most hazardous for the environment and life in general. We collect and recycle the scrap paper generated in offices and other commercial establishments. We also accumulate and recycle all the plastic, glass and various types of paper containers. Most of the junk generated in hotels and restaurants is compostable and can be used as fertiliser. So there is not much problem regarding hotel and restaurant scrap. However, the solid waste from industrial units is a tough thing to handle. They may be laden with hazardous chemicals and therefore need to be handled carefully. We have professional people who are adept at separating hazardous material from others and dispose each according to policy guidelines.