Waste Removal SW1 Westminster

Garbage removal used to be a very unorganized and informal affair until the threat of open dumping on the waste-removal-services-in-SW1-Westminster-Victoria-Belgravia-Pimlicoenvironment and human life was recognized by scientists. From then on the process of rubbish removal and disposal has grown into full fledged management. Earlier it used to be thrown in dump yards away from city. However, with the expansion of the city and spread of dump yards closing of landfills to further dumping has become necessary. This has given rise to a crisis in the field of waste removal. The best solution in bringing down rubbish is recycling more and more of it. In the SW1 Westminster, Victoria, Belgravia, Pimlico area we are operating in the field of waste removal. We try to recycle and recover as much as possible from the material dumped by residents and businesses. However, the inhabitants and businesses operating in the SW1 Westminster, Victoria, Belgravia, Pimlico area need to wake up to the problem and reduce garbage generation and dumping.

Our mission

As a rubbish management company we have multiple objectives. We strive to reduce the amount of garbage ending up in dump yards or landfills so that the toxic load on the environment is reduced, reduce the cost of removal since it is steadily increasing and practice safe waste removal service. We are disposing all kinds of material and that includes general ones, WEEE junk, material discarded by households and commercial entities, hardcore material resulting from renovation and construction sites, basement dig outs etc. We can go for daily lifting of items discarded at your home.

Types of junk

There are various types of it which can be broadly divided into recyclable, non recyclable and hazardous or toxic.

Hazardous and toxic material


Hazardous material includes those which are harmful to environment or human beings. Thus it includes asbestos, different types of chemicals such as brake fluid or printer toner, solvents, batteries, different kinds of oils except cooking oil, pesticides, electrical and electronic junk that harm the environment, containers of all types of hazardous material etc. Such material need to be handled safely so that neither the rag pickers and the public nor the environment at large is harmed.


We practice recycling of material since it is the best way to bring down the amount and toxicity of garbage. Items like plastic, tin, glass and paper bottles and cartons, garden rubbish, metal rods and parts from various items in the house etc are al recyclable. The material from garden such as dry leaves, branches, flowers etc can be formed into compost. Even spent batteries can be sent to centres for recovery of some metals.

Role of waste removal company

Surely garbage disposal is becoming a costly affair, but it is also becoming a very specialised field. Earlier you would not have needed to hire waste removal company for collecting and disposing the rubbish generated at your end. However, with the increase in volume as well as diversity of output it is no more possible for either a household or a business entity to manage all of it. It is not possible for a business entity to be aware of all the regulations in this regard. However, it is certainly possible to hire a company that will ensure cost effective garbage disposal for you. So if you are looking for cost effective, safe and efficient removal you can give us a call.