Why Is Waste Management A Problem?

Why Is Waste Management a Problem?

The waste management issues in developed and developing worlds are different. Even though the developed countries produce larger amounts of waste, they have systems in place that can adequately process this garbage so that it does not wreak havoc on the environment. However, the problem with the developing countries is that these systems are yet to be established which leads to accumulation of waste. There are no proper rubbish collection systems in London that sort and then treat the garbage accordingly. In these countries, the waste management means either dumping it in landfill areas, rivers or incineration. All these processes have their own debilitating impact on the environment.

Key Issues

The waste that we produce as humans are non-biodegradable. This is the reason this waste needs to be processed in ways so as to minimise its impact on the environment. Even though the people are made aware of the proper methods of waste disposal and waste collection in London, yet the production of garbage is alarmingly high.

Too much waste and limited disposal options

The traditional method of disposing of household and industrial waste is landfill dumping. However, it goes without saying the negative impact these landfill areas have on the environment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find new areas to dump all this waste.

Excessive production of liquid waste

Sewage waste produced at homes through dish washing, car washing and detergents are categorised as liquid waste. This waste is also produced by industrial processes which are toxic in nature and pollutes the water sources. There is a very little percentage of this waste that is actually recycled.


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