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Skip Hire

Rubbish removal in London is an organised affair. There are agencies that will collect all the rubbish from your premises, domestic or business, and remove them through suitable channels compatible with environmental regulations. You do not need to have the knowledge of various types of rubbish and the ways of collecting and removing them. However, this can be a costly affair, and some people do not want to go for it.

For such people in London, there is skip hire for rubbish removal. You can hire a skip from an agency, and there are several of them. Skips are available in various sizes, and you have to choose one according to the estimated amount garbage in your premises. You also have to acquire permission from the local council about placing the skips on the curbside and load the garbage on the skips yourself. The company staff will take away the skips at designated times.

However, you cannot place every kind of rubbish on skips; there are limitations. You cannot place toxic or hazardous substances and liquids in the skip. While hiring a skip you must estimate the amount of garbage carefully. An incorrect estimate may result in some space in the skip going abegging or the skip not being able to hold all the garbage.

For substances that you cannot place on the skip you can get help from the local council. In many areas of London, you can get a local hazardous and toxic disposal service where you can dispose waste like chemicals, pesticide bottles, batteries etc.


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