Effective Methods Of Disposing Garbage

Ways of garbage disposal

Garbage disposal has been facing a severe challenge since it is learnt that garbage from home and industries has been stoking environmental pollution. This call for calling into action all the effective methods of disposing of garbage so that the load on the environment as a whole and the surroundings of your residence, in particular, is minimised, and our planet can survive little longer. Here are some effective methods of disposing of garbage.

Share your waste

There may be something in your dustbin that is a waste for you, but useful for some other. Chemical paints, lawn fertilisers, furniture fittings etc come under this category. Instead of disposing of them you can simply donate them to your neighbour, friends, or centres that buy used furniture fittings.

Bio remediation

Industries giving rise to hazardous waste can take recourse to bio remediation. This method involves breaking down hazardous material with suitable microorganisms. This can be done within the business premises or at other suitable sites. Whichever way it is done it is one of the best methods for disposing of hazardous and toxic waste.

Repair or reuse

Repairing your old electronic and electrical equipment that has ended in the skip is the best option for reducing the load of toxic chemicals. Some of the printers, monitors, computers, refrigerators and other electrical and electronic material should be repaired, if possible. If this is not possible you should endeavour to reuse parts of these gadgets in repairing other such malfunctioning equipment.

Recycle them

There certainly are some recyclable materials among the junk that you have lined up along the curbside. Plastic bottles, tin cans, cardboard, paper etc all can be recycled to produce similar products. This brings down the amount of toxic and non-biodegradable waste to a considerable extent. So hand over such material to the recycling centres.

Some liquid fuels can be blended with fuel oils like number 6 fuel oil. Similarly, some gaseous waste can also be used as fuel. If such waste cannot be used as fuel then simply burn them as they are difficult to transport. However, you must take care to see that it is not explosive and does not produce a lot of soot.

Compost and use

All the compostable garbage from your home and garden should be thrown in a bin outside the home and let to compost. This you can use in your garden and avoid the use of chemical fertilisers.

Contract a waste removal company

After removing all the reusable and recyclable junk there must still be a considerable amount of garbage left in the dustbin. Take care to see that the garbage is removed regularly and is not allowed to stench the area. For this, you should contract a waste removal company.

Trash cans

If the waste removal company is not providing any trash can or dump then you have to arrange for trash cans. Place the trash cans in specific areas as directed by the company and dump all your garbage in it. This will facilitate waste disposal since the company vehicle will arrive in scheduled time and clear off all the garbage.

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