Proper Maintenance of Your Garbage disposal

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27th November 2015
4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste
4 Ways to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste
3rd December 2015
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Proper Maintenance of Your Garbage disposal


If you are living in London, waste removal activity from your premises needs to be regular, complete and safe. This calls for sustained effort on your part to collect the garbage and keep it in the designated place such as the kerb side before lifting. There must also be some rubbish in your premises that cannot be collected and assembled in the curbside for lifting. It may be an old and defunct refrigerator, television, computer or computer accessories, CFL bulbs, spent batteries, pesticide bottles, used motor oil etc. All these are toxic in nature and hazardous to the environment and therefore to all the flora and fauna. Such garbage needs to be removed as per laid down guidelines.

electronic and electrical waste

For electronic and electrical waste you need to contact the local WEEE items recycling store. As per laid down provisions in WEEE regulation at least 4 kg of material should be recovered from such items per person per year. For items like spent battery and pesticide bottle, used motor oil, CFL bulbs etc you need to contact the concerned recycling centres. There are different recycling centres for such items.

While recycling electronic junk such as a computer, hard disk, pen drives etc you must first destroy the data in them. This is needed to prevent unscrupulous elements from stealing sensitive data pertaining to your business or family. There are professional rubbish removal companies in London who take care to destroy data before recycling the electronic junk from your office and residence.

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