Every business that produces construction waste in the UK has a legal duty of care to classify it before it is collected, disposed of or recovered.

Businesses are also required to:

  • Identify the controls that apply to the movement of the waste. 
  • Complete waste documents and records.
  • Identify suitably authorised waste management options.  
  • Prevent harm to people and the environment.

As part of these construction waste documents, you’ll need to describe the waste before it is transferred to another party (e.g sent for recycling or disposal). This is to ensure that whoever receives it, knows exactly what it is. This description should outline, for example, the waste classification code (LoW Code or List of Waste Code) and the process that produced the waste. 

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The classification description


As mentioned previously, the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) is made up of chapters describing waste arising from various types of activity. The chapter and sub-chapter headings are just as important as the description alongside the six-figure code.


A classification description must include:

  • The waste classification code. 
  • If the waste is hazardous or not.
  • The name of substance or substances.
  • The process that produced the waste.
  • The location and business where the waste was produced.
  • A chemical and physical analysis.
  • Any particular issues, or specific knowledge related to the waste.

To choose a code,  you should first try to identify where in the chapters the waste is produced and then identify the correct six-digit code for the waste.


More examples of the different waste classification codes and their statuses:

Waste Code Construction & demolition wastes (Including excavated soil from contamination sites) Status
17 01 01 Concrete  Non-hazardous
17 01 02 Bricks Non-hazardous
17 01 03 Ceramics and tiles Non-hazardous
17 01 06 Bricks, ceramics, concrete, and tiles (alone or in mixtures) that contain hazardous substances Hazardous
17 01 07 Bricks, ceramics, concrete, and tiles in mixtures that DO NOT contain hazardous substances Non-hazardous


So, it’s important to know that for most wastes, you’ll also need to identify if the waste has a hazardous property before you can classify or describe it.

Please note that if your waste has not been produced from the activity covered by a particular chapter, then you should not use that code, even if a specific waste description seems suitable.

For more advice on the classification of construction waste, please visit the government’s information page on classifying different types of waste.

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