Common Garbage Disposal Problems And Solutions

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Common Garbage Disposal Problems And Solutions

Garbage disposal system may seem like a simple machine but what if it breaks down or experiences a problem? While you always have the option of calling a professional London waste clearance company, you can also use the following tips to tackle the problem on your own too!

Let us discuss some of the most common problems with a garbage disposal system and their solutions.

It stops working

If the disposal system stops to work, chances are that power has been cut off. Experts suggest that you should check the reset button under the disposal and press it. In most cases, this all the troubleshooting you need to get your system to start whirring again. If not, you always have the option to call a professional so that they can diagnose it properly and detect the source of the problem.

It is jammed

When you hear the humming sound on the motor but the disposal does not grind, is making a lot of noise or stops before you turn off the system, then look inside because your machine may be jammed. Do not operate the disposal system when it is clogged. Unplug the machine, cut off the power and then start the repair work.

You can free up the stuck garbage by pressing the reset button. You can also clear the garbage by using a broomstick. Just force it down against a blade and try rotating the impeller. Sometimes you may have to remove the disposal to clear the jam. In this case, it is better to call a London rubbish removal expert to help you with it.

It is leaking

Find the source of a leak and tighten the connection to stop it from leaking. You may also have to replace the drain gasket. If it is making too much noise, just check to ensure that nothing has entered the system that should not have.

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