How To Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

How to make your office Eco-Friendly

Offices are big consumers of energy and consumables like paper, ink, staples etc. Therefore, eco-friendly initiatives must include offices to bring about a perceptible change. To make your office eco-friendly, you must ensure that the use of consumables is restricted and the energy consumption is minimal. This also brings down the need for office clearance services in London and therefore helps in minimising the impact on the environment.

Reducing paper waste

Shredded paper constitutes about 40% of office waste. If you can reduce this wastage, you can help your office go green. There is so much you can do to reduce paper wastage.

Put a leash on supply of paper

If you put a leash on the supply of paper, your employees will become mindful of every piece of it. This will help in bringing down the instances of faulty printing, and reduce paper waste.

Reduce dependence on paper

Go digital and reduce your dependence on paper. Update your mailing list so that you do not need to send letters to new entities.

Switch off office machinery

Office machinery like computers, fax machines, printers, photocopiers etc consumes huge power even when these are on standby mode. Not only that but if kept in standby mode regularly, these machines can get overworked and get damaged. Damaged machines may require fitting of new parts or a replacement of the whole machine with a new one. This will increase the load on office clearance services and therefore on the environment. To stop this, you must ensure that machines are switched off if they are not in use for more than 10 minutes. This will help your office go eco-friendly.


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