7th February 2020

How to Dispose of Electronics in the UK

In the UK we are a nation of hoarders. Many of us are unwilling to bin unused items that we have a staggering £48 billion worth […]
17th February 2016
Ways to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

Ways to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

Every now and then we change the office furniture due to a variety of reasons that leaves us with junk items such as furniture and equipment. […]
20th January 2016

Maintain your Office – Have the Waste Removed

Most of the offices generate a load of waste through regular official activities. Before the advent of computers, the waste used to be mainly paper, carbon […]
24th December 2015
How-to-make- your-office-Eco-Friendly

How to make your office Eco-Friendly

Offices are big consumers of energy and consumables like paper, ink, staples etc. Therefore, eco-friendly initiatives must include offices to bring about a perceptible change. To […]