Ways To Dispose Of Used Office Furniture

Ways to Dispose of Used Office Furniture

Every now and then we change the office furniture due to a variety of reasons that leaves us with junk items such as furniture and equipment. If left unattended, these items land up in junkyards and increase the waste that reaches the landfill. You can either take help from waste removal companies to sort this out for you or use the following tips to dispose of the used furniture properly.

Create an inventory

Having clear information of the furniture you want to dispose of can save you and the rubbish removal vendors a lot of precious time. You can also minimise headaches and miscommunications caused due to poor planning. The best way to start is to use a standard spreadsheet to record the office inventory. Start building a list from there and later collate the data of the furniture that needs to be removed.

Prepare a plan of action

Having account of the used furniture is not enough. You also need to take vendor relations, safety on-site, budgets and other such factors that can affect the outcome of the overall project. Going into this unplanned can lead to waste of time and effort, logistical disruptions, landfill fines and fees, environmental hazard etc. Since most of these risks are connected with one another, they may be hard to avoid without proper processes.

Work with reliable vendors only

Once you have the stock of items that you want to dispose of from your office , the next most important step is to hire a waste removal company that is reliable and works in accordance with local laws. You can ask for recommendations and also validate the industry certification as a part of your due diligence. Once you have a list of vendors, you can ask for a quote.

The success of your project depends a lot on your vendor so choose carefully!


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