16th July 2014
Disposing WEEE Waste Clearitwaste

Disposing WEEE Waste

Disposal of garbage Increasing garbage has been putting pressure on landfills and environment and posing a challenge to the human civilisation for its survival. Authorities around […]
7th July 2014

Garbage heap near households can be a threat to society

Heaps of garbage The sight of heaps of garbage lying near households is not uncommon. Many residents prefer to dump the rubbish generated from household activities […]
24th May 2014

Effective methods of disposing garbage

Ways of garbage disposal Garbage disposal has been facing a severe challenge since it is learnt that garbage from home and industries has been stoking environmental […]
19th May 2014

Recycling is an effective way of Waste Management

Waste management and Recycling With the increase in waste and its harmful effects on the environment as a whole waste management has gained critical importance. Good […]