A significant part of construction waste management is knowing how to responsibly dispose of hazardous waste. But how do you correctly identify harmful materials and what steps do you need to take when clearing hazardous waste from your business premises? Read our thorough guide below to find out.

How to Identify Hazardous Waste

Before you can begin clearing hazardous waste, you need to understand the process of waste classification to properly identify the type of waste you have. Hazardous waste is different from disposable liquid or solid waste and thus requires handling in a different way.

If you’re not sure if your business is producing hazardous waste, check out our guide on what is considered hazardous waste to help you classify your rubbish.


What should I do if my company produces hazardous waste?

If you have identified hazardous waste on your premises—whether that’s producing, storing or wanting to remove hazardous waste from your place of work—you should follow these steps laid out by the UK government to responsibly dispose of it:

1. Classify your waste

Any products or substances in your possession that are considered harmful to people or the environment is classified as hazardous waste.

2. Separate and store hazardous waste safely

You need to store waste in secured containers with individual labels (no materials or substances should be mixed) for easy identification.

3. Choose an authorised business to collect, reuse or dispose of your hazardous waste

You need to identify a registered waste carrier, such as Clear It Waste, that is responsible and uses a waste site that has an environmental permit.

4. Fill in the relevant sections of the consignment note

You need to retain a copy and give two copies of the consignment note to the registered waste carrier who is collecting your hazardous waste.

If you’re not sure what a consignment note is, read our FAQ section below.

5. Keep a register of clearing waste disposal at your business premises for three years

This register should include:

  • Consignment notes
  • Consignee returns (these will come from your waste collection company or “consignees”)
  • Any other related documents, such as waste carrier schedules

What are my responsibilities for disposing of hazardous waste?

When it comes to waste disposal of any kind, you must respect the following responsibilities:

  • Aim to prevent, reuse, recycle or recover waste, thus reducing your overall waste output
  • Sort and store waste safely and securely, following the guidelines above
  • Fill out a waste transfer note for each batch of waste that leaves your commercial premises
  • Only use a reputable waste carrier who is on the public register
  • Ensure your waste carrier does not dispose of your hazardous waste illegally


Who can dispose of hazardous waste?

Because clearing hazardous waste has a particular control system surrounding it, and its disposal calls for responsible, legal and safe practices, only a credible and licensed waste collection company, such as Clear It Waste, can dispose of hazardous rubbish for your business.

Why Choose Clear It Waste


Reputable, fully licensed and insured, Clear It Waste is a professional waste collection company that services construction businesses in London.

Why Clear It Waste? Here are just a few reasons to choose London’s top waste disposal company:

  • Offers flexible, same-day waste collection services throughout London
  • Holds a full waste carriers license and is listed on the government’s public register
  • Is a fully insured company
  • Maintains an eco-friendly approach to waste disposal
  • Pledges to recycle or reuse more than 80% of collected waste
  • Presents a systematic waste collection service following official collection procedures

As it is your responsibility to work with a credible and licensed waste carrier to dispose of your hazardous waste, why not get in touch with us at Clear It Waste today?

Hazardous waste removal FAQs


How do I find an authorised business to collect, reuse or dispose of my hazardous waste?

Because clearing hazardous waste materials must be done responsibly, legally and safely, you must source a credible and licensed waste collection company. 

You can easily search registered waste carriers on the public register of the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs.

What is a consignment note?

A consignment note is involved in the control system for hazardous waste disposal. When clearing hazardous waste, you must correctly complete the consignment note paperwork before the waste is moved.

You can find out further guidance on consignment notes on the government website.


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