30th July 2014

Classification of waste and their disposal

Basic guidelines for disposal Waste is generated in every human activity, but with industrialisation and urbanisation of human civilisation, waste generation has gained a tremendous pace […]
22nd July 2014

Hurdles you may face while managing and disposing of commercial waste

Commercial Waste Management Commercial waste makes up a major chunk of waste generated in the UK. In fact, the variety of commercial waste is much more […]
16th July 2014
Disposing WEEE Waste Clearitwaste

Disposing WEEE Waste

Disposal of garbage Increasing garbage has been putting pressure on landfills and environment and posing a challenge to the human civilisation for its survival. Authorities around […]
7th July 2014

Garbage heap near households can be a threat to society

Heaps of garbage The sight of heaps of garbage lying near households is not uncommon. Many residents prefer to dump the rubbish generated from household activities […]